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Junior Grades 4-6
Tutoring Courses

Educational Services
(Afterschool & Weekend Tutoring)


Writing with Pen

Remedial Writing Program 
Grades 4-6
One-to-One or Small Group Tutoring

This program will involve the learning of basic sentence structure and grammar such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns etc. and how to use them to write well-developed, descriptive sentences using correct punctuation. Students will also explore the traits/structure and write a variety of text forms using the full writing and editing process. The program will be catered and developed based on each student's strengths and needs.

One to One or Small Group Instruction is available.

Classes capped to 5 students Maximum

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Math Class

Remedial Math Program
Grades 4-6
One-to-One or Small Group Tutoring

Students will tackle mathematical concepts that have not yet been mastered, during one to one or small group sessions with a certified educator. A comprehensive math assessment will be conducted and is included in the hourly rate.


The remedial math sessions will develop your child’s confidence by focusing on foundational math skills and filling gaps caused by COVID or other issues.  Students will strengthen their number sense by using hands on methods and manipulatives such as 100's grids, number lines, base ten blocks etc. They will explore questions and equations for solving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division  and strategies to work through word problems. There will also be a specific focus on learning math vocabulary associated with each math strand to ensure students know what the questions are asking.  The course content will meet students at their developmental level and work toward their grade level expectations.  The programming is based on the Ontario curriculum and will complement what is being taught in school

***One to One or Group sessions available

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We will be in touch to confirm registration.

Doing Homework

Remedial Structured Literacy
Grades 4-6
Small Group or One-to-One Tutoring

This program is ideal for students who are 2-3 years behind in reading and writing. Students will be taught explicitly using Science of Reading and research-based methods such as Orton Gillingham and UFLI (University of Florida Foundations Program) This program integrates phonics, sight word review, reading fluency, spelling practice, and comprehension. Writing will be integrated and connected to the texts to read.

One to one or group sessions are available providing students at the same level can be matched. Maximum 5 students per class. 

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